Here you find the processes “from egg to chicken breast fillet”.
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Slaughtering process

The chickens are unloaded onto the conveyor belt. They arrive at the carousel on which they are subsequently hung up. Slaughtering takes place the halal way. First of all, the chickens are anaesthetised in an electric water bath. This is a reversible process to ensure they do not die prematurely. The throats of the chickens are subsequently cut manually. This is carried out by practising Muslims who recite bismillah during the slaughter. The chickens are anaesthetised within 20 seconds after being hung up, which is good for animal welfare. They are slaughtered within a few seconds of anaesthesia.

All employees having anything to do with live chickens, anaesthetised or not, have received training according to the requirements of the Regulation (EC) No. 1099/2009.