Here you find the processes “from egg to chicken breast fillet”.
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Some of our products are deep-frozen. This is carried out by our partner Harthoorn Coldstores in Barneveld. The pallets containing fresh chicken products are placed in freezer tunnels, or shock freezers, on the day of arrival. Air with a temperature of -30 to -40 degrees Celsius is circulated. Our products thus achieve a temperature well below freezing point in a very short space of time. This rapid drop in temperature keeps the meat texture intact and guarantees quality.

Harthoorn has a capacity for freezing as much as six hundred pallets a day. Multiple quality controls also take place during this stage of the production process. Upon arrival of our products, Clazing Export Slaughterhouse’s driver and Harthoorn’s employees carry out a visual check and measure the temperature.

Later the temperature is checked twice again: when emptying the freezer tunnels and when reloading. Quality is therefore guaranteed at the highest level.