Clazing Export Slaughterhouse primarily serves the halal market. All chickens are slaughtered manually. This is carried out by practising Muslims who recite bismillah while cutting the throat of each chicken.

Prior to slaughtering, the chickens are anaesthetised in an electric water bath. The anaesthesia is reversible. In other words: the chickens remain alive. In the future we will anaesthetise the chickens with a head stunner.

Clazing Export Slaughterhouse is certified by HQC (Halal Quality Control). The Halal police have also issued a positive opinion about our company. Muslim consumers are thus guaranteed that Clazing Export Slaughterhouse products are 100% reliable.

If you place an order, you can ask for our Halal certificate. This certificate guarantees that the chicken (products) from our slaughterhouse are actually halal slaughtered.