100% top quality • 100% halal
Clazing Export slaughterhouse


A modern poultry slaughterhouse that supplies excellent chicken products to customers in many countries: Clazing Export Slaughterhouse. We focus primarily on the halal market.
Clazing Export Slaughterhouse slaughters chickens with a minimum weight of 1600 grams. We supply products for further processing or consumption to wholesalers, retailers, the processing industry and independent poulterers. Our customers are located in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Great Britain, Greece, South Africa and Hong Kong.

Clazing Export Slaughterhouse supplies fresh, high quality products. Our modern slaughter line meets the highest demands in terms of food safety and hygiene. The logistics process is designed to deliver as fresh a product as possible. What is slaughtered in the morning leaves the slaughterhouse in the afternoon.

Clazing Export Slaughterhouse has approximately 130 employees and is definitely a no-nonsense company. Our lines are short and we act quickly. If there is a problem, we will resolve it. You know where you stand with Clazing Export Slaughterhouse.