Quality guarantee

Clazing Export Slaughterhouse is highly committed to quality and food safety. We guarantee this with a balanced quality system that encompasses all processes within our company. Clazing Export Slaughterhouse has the following certifications:

FSSC 22000 (Dutch)
FSSC 22000

HQC (Halal Quality Control)
If you place an order, you can ask for our Halal certificate. This certificate guarantees that the chicken (products) from our slaughterhouse are actually halal slaughtered.

Select the certificats for a bigger imageFurthermore, it goes without saying that our quality plan meets EU legislation concerning the trading of fresh poultry meat.In practice, our quality system involves random inspections of both the chickens that we receive and our products. Our employees regularly follow training courses to keep their knowledge of product safety and hygiene up to date.
Clazing Export Slaughterhouse has laid down its quality objectives in a manual. The suitability and effectiveness of this manual is assessed each year. On this basis, new objectives are established.