Clazing Export Slaughterhouse is a family business with a long history. It was founded in 1967 by Mr. G.J. Clazing. The company initially had ten employees and approximately 800 chickens a day were slaughtered. Since then, our company has grown significantly. Since our decision to concentrate on Muslim consumers, we have grown to become a leading supplier in the halal market. In 1997, our premises were renovated and expanded. In that same year, the company was taken over by Mr. G.J. Clazing’s sons: Mr. W. Clazing and Mr. A. Clazing. Both of his daughters also worked for the company and one of them is still working here today. In 2006, we expanded our premises further.

Despite the rapid growth and the many developments, a number of things have remained unchanged throughout the years. From the beginning, the employees of Clazing Export Slaughterhouse have been regarded as one large family where everyone is equal. The members of the board consider it important to keep abreast of what is happening in practice and therefore they work in the production process themselves throughout the day. A good working relationship, listening to each other and together ensuring a quality product is what it’s all about at Clazing Export Slaughterhouse!