Here you find the processes “from egg to chicken breast fillet”.
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Poultry rearer

Very soon after the chicks have hatched, they are moved from the hatchery to the poultry rearer. The rearer ensures the chicks are ready for slaughter within a period of six weeks. The rearer considers it his mission to take care of the chicks as well as possible. This means: sufficient feed and water of a good quality and good ventilation. Furthermore, the rearer closely observes the health of the animals. This is carried out in cooperation with a veterinarian. Any signs of disease are dealt with. Clazing Export Slaughterhouse buys chickens from multiple procurement organisations based on contractual agreements. We are thus assured of receiving sufficient chickens every week.

After six weeks, the chickens are ready for transport to Clazing Export Slaughterhouse. Only an empty barn remains behind at the poultry rearer, which will be ready for use again in a few days. Before the flock arrives at Clazing, the first quality control takes place. This is based on the ´VKI formulier´ (Food Chain Information form). The poultry rearer fills in the number of chickens contained in the flock, how many died during the rearing process, what type of feed they have been given and whether they have been medicated and vaccinated.